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Copyright It is important to provide copyright ownership as indicated in the published work
You may be required to make a copy of your published work available if need arises. All information given shall be published on the website of the association.

Membership of the Association shall be in three categories: Full Membership, Associate Membership and intern members.

FULL MEMBERSHIP: A full member is the one who has produced at least two published works and has paid all dues and levies.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: An associate member is one who has not fulfilled all conditions for full membership but has a credit of associate producers in a film.

INTERN MEMBERSHIP: An intern member is the one who is under training, either in school or in apprenticeship to a full member till such a time he/she fulfills requirement for full membership.
FULL MEMBERSHIP: An applicant for full membership is that member who has obtained, completed and submitted a membership form too the association secretariat after the payment of a fee determined by the general house from time to time.
  1. An applicant for full membership shall be screened by a membership committee constituted by the executive.
  2. An applicant for full membership shall pay a monthly, or quarterly, or by annually, or annual dues as may be determined by the general assembly.
  3. All payment for membership shall be made only to the association bank accounts as evidence of payment presented to the secretariat for issuance of receipts.
  4. An applicant for full membership shall have attained the age of 18 years and above.
  5. Registration for membership shall be the function of the national secretariat but the state and international chapters may undertake the task subject to ratification by the national membership committee of the association.
  6. Membership of the association shall be open to non-Nigerians who have residency permit to leave and work in Nigeria as film producers provide the applicants meet conditions for the various categories of membership.
  7. The executive committee shall retained the right of membership where it is considered that that membership shall be detrimental to the aims and objectives of the association , provided such a decision is ratified by at least by two third (2/3) of the financial members at a meeting duly convened.
  8. A full member has the right to vote or be voted for. This right is not restricted to voting during elections but includes voting when contentious issues are put to vote during general meetings.
  9. A full member who has fully paid his/her dues has the right to contest for any elective position as long as he or she meets all other conditions stated in the electoral rules/ guidelines.
  10. A prospective member shall be screened and recommended for admission by membership committee of the association.
  11. Membership of the association shall be confirmed upon the payment of a stipulated amount as registration fee, as may be determined by the general assembly from time to time.
ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: Associate membership shall be a category subordinate to full membership.
  1. A person who opts for the category as a matter of convenience.
  2. Awarded as an honorary status to a person who may not possess the qualification but known to have made visible and critical contribution to the association and /or the act of film production. Such honorary members shall not be more than seven (7) at any given time.
  3. A full member who has defaulted in his/her obligation to the association for a considerable period of time as provided in article 3:4 of this constitution may eventually be declared dormant or expelled.
  4. An associate member shall pay dues and attend at least two third (2/3)of the meetings held in a year.
  5. An associate member shall vote at meetings and elections except those who enjoys honorary status.
  6. An associate member shall not run for any elective office.
  7. An associate member shall not be a signatory to the associations bank account.
  8. At any given time when full members are not complete to form a quorum, only twenty five percent (25%) of associate members present can be considered.
  9. Associate member can serve on a committee but cannot hold any position on such a committee nor constitute a majority in the composition of the committee.
  10. An associate member shall be entitled to only sixty percent (60%)of any financial, material or quantifiable benefit to members except such benefit are paid for by members.
  11. As associate member shall always come next to the full members in the order of precedence, regardless of age or the rule of first come first serve where applicable except where the full member wishes to deferred to the associate member on grounds of age,etc, the above rule shall not apply in the evaluation of creative works, morals and contribution to the association for the purpose of determining excellence or for the purposes of awarding prize or honors to members.
  12. As associate member shall have a right to a top position over and above other category where he is adjudged the best in any competition in the association.
  13. There shall be no time limit to a person’s tenure as an association member.
  1. A trainee member shall be the one who is undergoing a course of study in film production or apprenticeship in film production but yet to fulfill the requirements for admission for as full or associate membership.
  2. Any person who is gifted in film producing and has demonstrated some level of skill in film producing and he’s desirous of acquiring the techniques or professional film producer under apprenticeship shall be qualified under trainee member.
  3. A trainee member shall attend meetings and activities of the association and can make contributions on deliberations but shall not be allowed to move a motion or vote on a decision in a duly convened meeting.
  4. A trainee member shall not qualified to vote or be voted for in any election of the association.
  5. A trainee member shall not be considered in determining a quorum at meetings.
  6. A trainee member must upgrade to associate member or full membership upon completion of studies or apprenticeship otherwise shall forfeit all membership rights.
  7. Membership upgrade of a trainee member shall not be automatic upon graduation as the membership committee shall reserve the right to screen and upgrade or deny membership.
  8. A trainee member shall not be appointed to any committee.
  9. Trainee members shall be entitled to ten percent (10%) of quantifiable membership benefits.
  10. A trainee member must at least record fifty percent attendance meetings held in a year except where permission has been sought and granted by the appropriate authority.
  1. Upon registration a member shall be issued with an identification number, a membership certificate and an identification card signed by the incumbent President of the Association.
  2. All members have a right to access a model contract form provided by the Association.
  3. No member of the Association shall be subjected to any undue discrimination in the allocation of benefits, rights, privileges and entitlements on the ground of gender, age, religion, marital status. Place of origin, disability and political affiliation other than conditions set forth in this constitution.
  4. Every member shall have the right to speak on any matter at the association meeting in orderly manner and with decorum.
  5. An active member may be appointed to be chairman/secretary of any committee.
  6. The association shall assist any member whose film is infringed and fight other factors militating against their film and creative works.
  7. The national office shall publish a bi-monthly bulletin with material contributions from state chapters so as to inform members of the developments in the industry both nationally and internationally.
  8. The association shall have affiliations with reputable collecting management organizations and be able to register members work with the organizations for business and economic empowerment of member.
  9. Health insurance benefits shall be available to all members on the terms and conditions stated by the insurance providers that are favourable to the association.
  10. In the event of critical ill health of an active financial member, the association may intervene by soliciting funds to alleviate the condition of such a member.
  11. In the event of crises of any nature, the association shall intervene financially and with visitation.
  12. In the event clear case of abuse of human rights of a member, the association shall intervene.
  13. In the case of death of an active financial member, the Association shall:
    • Make financial donation as determined by the general house to the immediate family of the deceased .
    • Play an active part in the burial arrangement of the deceased.
    • Send a delegation to the funeral.
  14. All bereaved members shall be entitled to a condolence visit by the Association.
  15. In the event of any social ceremony by the member the association if invited shall go with a present.
  16. An Associate member shall be entitled to 60% of all that is accrued to a full Member.
  17. An intern member shall be entitled to 40% of all that is accrued to a full member.
Members shall:
  1. Be bound and abide by this constitution and the by-laws of the association.
  2. All full and associate members shall be liable for fees, dues, levies, fines and other payment as at when due except where exempted.
  3. Respect all officers of the association.
  4. Participate actively in all activities of the association except where exempted.
  5. Upon registration purchase the associations constitution.
  6. Protect, defend and support the association and all members of the Association.
  1. A member holding any class of membership has the right to renounce his/her membership.
  2. Such a member shall do so in writing, duly signed and delivered to the executives and then copy the board of trustees.
  3. A membership committee shall look into the cause of his/her renounciation.
  4. There is no compensation or claims whatsoever for such a member and he/she shall no longer be entitled to the benefits of the associations funds and other amenities.